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Installing Windows 2000 on VMWare workstation

Possibly the most frustrating afternoon i've had in a long while is trying to install Windows 2000 on VMWare workstation.

 What was the big problem?

Hanging on the "Installing Windows 2003" shortly after it had copied it's basic drivers to begin the install.

Firstly, bear in mind that Windows 2000 was always a bit poor when it comes to SCSI drivers etc... 

Second ...note, that whizzing through the default set-up wizard will probably provide you with an emulation running on a SCSI drive.

Thirdly... all the forums inform you to try adding


To the .vmx configuration file.


Here's what I did, follow the process bit by bit, if it works, fine... use it asa it is:

  • Add the magicboot command as the forums recommend. 
  • Go to [Edit]->[Preferences] and Change the default hardware compatability to "Workstation 4".
    (This was the last thing i tried before it worked so it would be wise for you o try it first ;)  )
    It also makes sense to downgrade the hardware a bit.
    Dont trust VM to do this... close VMWare and open up the .vmx file, you can change this from 6 to 4 in the config.
  • If that doesnt work, go to the hardware settings
    Use the [remove] button on USB, Network, Sound and Hard Disc Sections so that the icons are gone.
    Change your CD ROM advanced settings to use IDE 1:0 for your CD
    Create a new Hard drive. Make sure it's IDE (I used IDE0:0). I also reduced the size to 6GB and reserved the space in advance, so that the disc is all nice and ready.
  • Check the .vmx file try removing any references to SCSI drives and repeated referenced to the same hard drive on disused IDE controllers.
  • Reduce the processors from 2 to 1. (Simplify things for the installer)
  • In [virtual machine settings] ->[options] ->[advanced]... Disable acceleration and disable memory page timing. (It might help... although mine worked without changing this on the successful run)
Anyway, hope that helps .... i'm now looking at it havin problems detecting keyboard and mouse.... oh well!

UPDATE: a quick reset and enableing the Enhanced Virtual Keyboard.... and setup resumes...

Feel free to look at my VMX file below for tips

Windows 2000 Server.vmx (1.92 kb)