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VMware viewer and windows 2000 screen resolution

A while ago, i retired an old windows 2000 PC.

Before i sent it to the big land fill in the sky, i used VMware converter to snapshot it.

This nicely circumvented the hard drive problems i was having , which meant it no longer took about 30mins to boot.

Unfortunately, using VMware viewer to run it there was no VMware tools installed and the screen resolution was locked.

The screen resolution was fixed to  640x480 as there were no proper display settings configured.

Last night i sat down and finally fixed it....


A solution to this is to obtain a copy of VMware tools. Connect a CD drive or iso image using the VMware player controls and install the tools.

Reboot the virtual machine and then re-attempt the process of changing the display settings....

...voila!! they work now!

Job done! can now see a decent sized screen.