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I have to admit, I have been converted  from the dark side (Microsoft Source Safe) to the Subversion family of tools/add ons.

Thanks to a fellow code monkey, my opinion was changed, in all but a matter of weeks.  I wouldn't say it was a 'kicking and screaming' moment, rather a reluctance to move off the nice warm couch, assume the lotus position and do things in a differently painful way. Similar creaking of joints came from the rest of our team.

The problem is, source code control is an essential  process which can be painful you don't have the right tools. Like a lot of you out there , you may think the commercial offerings are too costly, and i for one have in the past, still managed to lose several  hours of work to source safe due to program oddities, process isues, or just bad practice. 


What i'm saying is... pucker up and embrace Subversion. If all yuo've known is SourceSafe, you're going to love this, and all it's little quirks.


  Subversion can be found at http://www.tigris.org;